Interconnected 🔹 Practice Notes


I often think of what it might be like to live as though I *actually* believed that all things are interconnected -- not just as a pretty concept but as a way of interacting.
To take the holistic view of interdependence
in a linear, hierarchical society
could be a tiny, revolutionary act.

✨What might that mean for the way that I treat my body?
Instead of fixating on seemingly isolated symptoms -- to treat my body as a communicative ecosystem that impacts my moods, my thinking...

✨What that mean for the way that I problem solve?
Instead of patching up urgent leaks looking for the *source* of the valve...

✨What might that mean for the way that I consider society?
Instead of pointing to a 'problem' that exists entirely 'out there', looking for the ways that I hold biases + contribute to confusion and communication breakdown...

Treating all things as though they are delicately interconnected could be an entire path of practice unto itself -- trading linear, "parts" oriented thinking for a more holistic "whole" approach.

🍃The underlying encouragement here is to keep looking for the connections. Nothing exists in a vacuum.
Nothing is wasted. Nothing is lost.
All things are delicately interconnected.
Just like the systems of nature itself.