The Deep End 🔹 Practice Notes


I once heard the Buddhist teacher Jetsun Tenzin Palmo warn that if we expect our practice to only *feel good* — sweetness stripped of the medicine that helps us develop — that we run the risk of becoming “spiritually flabby”.
Aka: there is no muscle being developed. No fortitude or resilience that helps us paddle through murky water with our practice in tow. 🛶

It’s been my experience that more often that not we’re plunged into those waters without our permission.
And with very little warning.

This week I had someone call Tea And Cake With Demons a “life raft” as she faces the impending death of her elderly dog...
Another reader blindsided by a breakup... Another whose ex was in a critical car crash.
And my first thought is a resounding FUUUUUUCK. Being a human is hard you guys.
Which is why I’m only interested in a spiritual practice that meets our circumstances.
Head on.
With an open heart. 💔

My second thought, however, is that if this book provides even a sliver of solace, a life raft in someone’s undertow moment — then writing it was 2 years well spent.

Here’s to developing a practice that can meet us in the deep end.
Whether we choose to be out there or not. 🏊🏽‍♀️

Photo: @juliaklyons