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Cultivating Courage: Supporting Yourself and the World

August 13th: 7-9pm 

Co-Teaching with Lani Rowe 
Zen teachings emphasize great doubt, great faith, and great courage; the foundational Buddhist texts indicate that the Buddha’s enlightenment was the result of great renunication, great realization, and great brave mind. But how can we be courageous and brave in the face of our personal suffering, the suffering of those close to us, and the unrelenting suffering throughout the planet? What does courage even mean in a tradition based on mindfulness and compassion?  
Join us for this new series, in support of Metta Meditation Month, where we will examine practices and teachings designed to develop our inherent qualities of awareness, clarity, and kindness. We’ll learn how to make an authentic connection to our anxieties and worries, and transform them to engage in the world with integrity and discernment.
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