Hello 14 Day Family, 

Sydney Rose here, and Welcome to Day 3 of In Bloom.

For our first day of practice together, we’re meditating in one of my favorite places: by the water at Lake Mahkeenac. 

This weekend, I’m assisting down the road at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and thinking back to the first time that I came here. I was a participant for a week-long retreat.
Even as a seasoned meditator, the idea of surrendering to the practice and the process of meditation for such a long period of time made me nervous. It was truly a journey into the unknown.

Coming to the water here felt peaceful. Water is a symbol of the mystical and the unrevealed within. While we can see our reflections from above, what’s happening in the depths is often a mystery.
It’s true of our hearts and minds too. There’s more going on beneath the surface than we could know by first glance.

Even though not all of us move as fluidly when swimming as we do on land, we need water for the growth we associate with Spring. Watersheds are incredibly important and nourishing for all living beings on the planet. 

Our reflection today is a reminder: we all rely on forces beyond our full comprehension to go about our daily lives.
In practice, it’s courageous to embrace not knowing. It’s only when we learn to leave the safety of the beach, letting go of what we think we know that we can have a truly new, deep and nurturing experiences in meditation.

PS - If you’re into meditating together and seeing the lake up close, check the Kripalu schedule for my upcoming retreat with Kevin Griffin.
We’re co-teachers for 5 days starting on November 11th.