Welcome to Day 5 of In Bloom. This is Sydney Rose, and I'm so looking forward to sharing practice today. 

The weather in NYC is absolutely beautiful and I hope it’s warm where you are too! In celebration, we’re sharing the sunlight by spending some time outside before we meditate. 

And I brought two small gifts for our time together! They’ll help us answer this riddle:

What is the difference between a flower and a weed?

The relationship between these two plants could shine a whole new light on how you look at your thoughts.

Most humans spend an incredible amount of time worrying, planning, fantasizing, managing, and judging. The number one thing that I hear from people when they first start meditating is that they can’t stop thinking!

Luckily, we don’t have to stop.

But it’s true that we often find ourselves in thought loops that feel protective, or promise us great returns if we just… keep… thinking. We’ll figure it out. Even deep thoughts about the meaning of life can make us forget that life is not a metaphor, taking us away from reality, from the warmth of the sun and from the present moment.

By nature, thinking takes up a lot of space in our consciousness.

Obsessive thoughts can make us feel things or even trigger unconscious cycles of behavior that we regret. How can we tell which thoughts are helpful? And at what level can we work obsessive thoughts skillfully?

It turns out there’s a way to powerfully change your thinking at a very deep level, without even engaging it directly. And it starts with a deep breath.

May the thoughts you think today be of benefit to all living beings.