Welcome to Day 7 of In Bloom.
This is Sydney Rose, and I'm looking forward to sharing practice with you again today. Happy Halfway Point! 

Today we’re meeting in Prospect Park for a meditation on allowing ourselves to embrace the spirit of spring.
But why is that we aren’t already completely open? Why can’t we always feel the warmth of the sun, even when it’s all around us?

Being here with all of the people, animals, sounds and movement, I really see it: Transformation can be just as unsettling as it is beautiful.

One of my favorite people sometimes talks about periods of intense growth making him feel like “caterpillar soup.” It’s that time when we’re dissolving into a cocoon, unsure of what comes next and allowing ourselves to be reworked. Impermanence is part of life and spring.
The season’s emphasis on new life can remind us that we’re all in motion.

In order to stay truly present for our lives, we have to learn welcome these comings and goings more fully. In order to truly appreciate spring, we have to know winter.
How can we relax into our slot in the wheel of life? With practice. Get ready to practice a radically inclusive form of meditative welcoming.

See you on the cushion!