Welcome to your practice for day #10.

I'm excited to share our time on the cushion as we shift gears towards opening to others in meditation. 

You might have noticed that meditating with another human (even if they're streaming via email series) is a completely different experience. While I often sit in silence now, I still love listening to Dharma talks and guided meditations.
It's comforting to have a teachers voice as a presence, holding the space for me. 

Humans are social creatures, we need each other. We don't have the sharp nails and teeth that the tigers do, or the strength and size of an elephant... staying together is part of how humans have made it this far on planet earth. 

And yet, we're defended. Lots of us build walls and block off connection because at some point, our trust was violated in our connections with other humans. How can we restore the connection?

Well, you gotta have faith, faith, faiiiith... in inner goodness. 

What about war, violence and oppression? How do we know it's safe to love?
It's a risk, but they say that "courage is not the towering oak that sees the storms come and go: it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow." Today we practice working with the idea that if people were truly happy, we'd all be kind... and the reverse is true too.

Our practice brings that world a little bit closer, one breath at a time.