Hi Blooming Family, 

It's Sydney here with you today for our last day together as we ring in the spring.

(Adreanna will be here tomorrow for your final practice of the series.)

It’s been such an incredible joy meditating with you. I feel like I am blossoming too.

As we practice opening up, I want to tell you a story about a recent retreat I went on. I’ll tell you the moral first: it turns out… even though we think we’re separate, we’ve actually been connected all along.

It’s cheesy… but while our differences often cause conflict, they also make the world what it is. Our differences make us reliant on each other.

It’s cliche because it’s true: without biodiversity (the different plants and animals that support each other in life on planet earth) we would all be doomed.  Our actions are weaved into an incredibly complex web that impacts all of the plants and animals. And yet, humans have lived and thrived in community in ways that are almost unimaginable considering the volume of our task: understanding each other.

Today we challenge the limits of our love. Why is it so easy to offer forgiveness and the benefit of the doubt to our best friends or to the people who speak and act like we do?

Well, understanding brings compassion.
What possibilities could become present if we could express the love for those we hold dear towards all living beings?
What if we knew the truth of everyone’s contributions to the wheel of life?
We would probably take better care with each other.

Today we offer the blessings of our lives and practices out to all living beings and become willing to see, understand and take in their suffering as if it was our own… because it is.

I love you. May you receive the blessings of your life and mine.
Thank you so much for your practice.