Welcome to In Bloom Day #8. 

Today’s meditation is about finding the sublime in the ordinary. And we’re starting out by talking about boredom and attention. Where does your attention go? One of my favorite teachers says that if you want to be a Buddhist, you have to be good at being bored.

When I first started practicing, I wondered why it was so important to sit still in a quiet place. I was waiting for the grand transformations and the deep healing! But there really is a reason.
At any given second, our minds are processing WAY more information that we can reasonably take in. In order to help us out, our brains work very quickly to pull out the information that’s important.

Without our conscious input, the brain brings into our vision whatever it decides we NEED to know about: the threats (or stuff it thinks could hurt us) and the rewards (food, sex, whatever else we desire).
But what about the stuff that it tags as neutral? Well most of it just gets scanned out.

Often boredom, sleepiness or laziness… well those are signs that we’re used to turning off or going onto autopilot when nothing dangerous or dazzling is happening. 

There is possibility for magic is in these moments. When we learn to stay present, we sometimes get glimpses into parts of the world that we never even thought existed. 
We start to really smell the flowers, to see the glimmer of light on the lake and to feel more deeply all of the subtle shades of love, appreciation and affection.

There is a ton of power and a whole world of new experiences we get to tune into when we learn to intentionally direct our attention.

Lets do it!