Adreanna is a skilled teacher and mentor...everything you could want in a meditation teacher – kind, compassionate, and wisdom-filled on how we can live our 21st century life with these principles in mind.
All the while making you see the goodness deep within you. πŸ’« Ben Crompton, Sydney, Australia

 Photo courtesy MNDFL 

Photo courtesy MNDFL 

You + Me + Skype = Personal meditation instruction from the comfort of your home. 

Perfect for busy people, wandering minds, and anxious bodies.

Rates are sliding scale + Practice is tailored to your level of experience. Just let me know what you need and I'll let you know how I can help.

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"I cannot thank you enough for this practice.   I have followed other practitioners, yet
not gained the insight or learned the truth in β€œhow to develop self compassion, trust, faith”. I am listening, writing and meditating on your teachings, and feeling more peace.  More at home in my own body.   And that is saying a lot!! Thank you!!"  πŸ’« PAULA D. 

I am finding this practice very energizing and I'm feeling better focused on my work and my confidence in who I am and what I am doing is stronger. πŸ’« TINA G. 


Your 31 days of devotion placed me back on track.  I made my intentions clear of why I was showing up daily that first week and here I still am, enjoying your teachings while trying to expanding my mental space to include my present state without judgment...Amazing...truly, truly amazing! πŸ’« KAREN A.. 

Thanks so much Adreanna for this great program. My reasons fro practice are primarily about knowing myself and living better (whatever that may mean) in a 21st century world and this sort of program really supports that.ο»Ώ πŸ’« MARSHA N. 

For better or worse, we are our own life partner..." Another memorable and transformative gem! Deep thanks for these 31 days. πŸ’« GINA S. 

This was truly  beautiful!  Thank you.  I've been deeply moved by the ways my emotional state has been tended to today in a few different ways.  This idea of being with my emotional state as opposed to identifying myself as my emotions was really helpful. πŸ’« MARILYN H.