Ditch the “plan”. Find your path.


Adreanna is a skilled teacher and mentor...everything you could want in a meditation teacher – kind, compassionate, and wisdom-filled on how we can live our 21st century life with these principles in mind.
All the while making you see the goodness deep within you. 💫 Ben Crompton, Sydney, Australia

In Sanskrit there is a word - Kaliyanamitra - which means “Spiritual Friend”. Not a guru or a master, but someone who is walking the path alongside you to help guide and inform your practice -- in a very real-world, everyday life sort of way.

The 1-on-1 guidance that meditation mentorship provides is a perfect option for you if you have been feeling isolated in your practice, if you’ve been feeling confused in your practice, if you know that you would benefit from more accountability, or if you’ve been trying to figure out how to apply meditative principles to your real-world, everyday life situations.

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You + Me + Skype = meditation mentorship from the comfort of your home. 

Practice is tailored to your level of experience. Reach out to me here and we’ll find a time to have a quick chat to see how we might work together and how I can be helpful to your path of practice.