My life can now clearly be defined as "before I worked with Adreanna" and "after I worked with Adreanna."  I came to our sessions with ideas I wanted to engage but I needed the support and accountability that only a coach can offer in order to bring them to life. I had ideas for a career that I wanted but had no tangible way to offer it. Adreanna helped me unpack my ideas and turn them into offerings that I feel deeply congruent with.

The best part of working with Adreanna was her openness; to all of my ideas and new thoughts, and to all of my self-judgments and fears. Adreanna held our sessions with curiosity, kindness, and compelling questions. She helped me drop below the fear and into the possibility. She supported me in making the exciting possibilities become my everyday reality.

I can’t recommend Adreanna enough. If you’re looking to question the thoughts that are holding you back, and have kind methods of self-inquiry and support in staying accountable on the journey, look no further, Adreanna is your gal. 

The time spent with Adreanna was life changing, literally. I came into our sessions wanting to let go of my 9-5 job and move into yoga therapy full time, create more space in my days, and find a better work-life balance. And believe it or not, after 6 months of working together it all materialized. My quality of life has increased 100-fold and I could not have done it without the support of Adreanna.

Looking back I’m honestly impressed by how much patience and graciousness she showed during my many rambling stories of fears, worries, and resistance. But she knew when to be kind and soft and when to hold me accountable and call B.S.!

The best part about working with Adreanna is that she is really in your corner. This isn’t just a job for her; she wants you to succeed and gives her whole self to the relationship. I can still feel the impact of her dedication and care. If you are looking for a business-life coach look no further; I’m already dreaming up how I can work with Adreanna again! 


The biggest shift for me after working with Adreanna was finding the confidence to put my content out into the world. 

As a Naturopathic Doctor, creating video content had been scary and “list building” seemed like a nebulous idea, but slowly I was able to put the pieces together and see that I can do those things. I also learned the benefit of acting and reiterating instead of thinking and strategizing way too much. 

I most enjoyed the consistent support over 6 months, but more importantly Adreanna's warm, focused and spot on presence. Her ability to really listen and therefore help you listen into your own plan of action is outstanding. For someone who highly values mindfulness and spirituality having the common language of how can my work be of benefit to others or in service was the heart centered approach that was the ultimate gift of our work together. 


You truly have a gift. I've learned so much throughout our sessions and will continue to look back and reflect on the questions you've asked me to ask myself.
I have more confidence in myself and the journey I've chosen to take; I think back to where and who I was then, and what I was going through when we first started, to where I am now. 

It's hard to believe I've come this far in such a short period of time. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have without your guidance and support. 

I know I have what it takes. 
So...Thank You. For being an awesome coach.

When I first started working with Adreanna, I wasn't lost as much as I felt stifled. I was trapped by my own unwillingness to believe in my highest potential. I had a great business idea and a cool book proposal, but I was unable to act. I lacked confidence in my own ideas, and I had trouble seeing what I brought to the table.  

My vision for the future was clear, but my vision of myself wasn't. I just didn't trust myself enough to move forward in my business. 
Working with Adreanna helped me shift my professional view of myself. 

Through her thought-provoking questions and laser-sharp insights, I began to see my creativity, intuition, and light-heartedness as professional strengths instead of weaknesses.

Adreanna understood my scattered creative tangents, my abstract thoughts, and strange metaphors. Most importantly, she could easily swim in deep emotional waters with me. I've worked with A LOT of life coaches, but I've never felt safer and more clearly understood than when working with Adreanna. She helped me see the wisdom hiding beneath my insecurities, and she lovingly encouraged me to trust and act on that wisdom.
Throughout our time together, I found myself making clearer and more-focused decisions from my gut. I was able to tune into my body, and I started to plan from a more intentional place. I began to nurture my creativity, and honor myself as the vessel for good ideas. 

For the first time, I was able to discern which projects were worth of my time, and I saw major breakthroughs in my business and creativity. Above all, I'm living and acting from a more authentic place. 

I was so enriched by the experience of having Adreanna as my coach. Working with her was LITERALLY the best investment of my year. She's amazing and i'll cherish the experience forever.

If I had to sum up Adreanna in only two words, they would be these: inspiring teacher. I had the extreme privilege of working with her in two separate group coaching series over the course of 6 months, so I could include many more adjectives to that description. Words like genuine, compassionate, insightful, relatable, a great listener… but inspiring teacher are the first two that come to mind.

She brings so much wisdom to the table from previous teachings she’s obtained along her own path and has an uncanny ability to get to the root of a person’s issue quickly with minimal information- it’s as if she’s connected to something beyond this realm. 

She’s inspired me to make great changes personally and professionally through helping to implement a regular meditation practice and the sharing of Buddhist teachings that have led me to welcome shifts in perspective. If you’re looking to unlock the positive, truthful inspiration that’s hiding somewhere inside of you right now, Adreanna is definitely the person who will help you get in touch!



Before I met Adreanna, I felt a bit lost. I had all these fabulous ideas, but I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Frankly, I was stuck in a rut. 

My intentions weren’t translating into actions. 
Then, bam! 

We started working together and the pieces of my puzzle started clicking. I applied and was accepted back into graduate school; I started to find my bliss through a daily practice of dance; and I began to build my own business. Her support allowed me to soar. 
Hands-down one of the best investments I ever made in myself. I love this Lady. SHE ROCKS.

From day one I was extremely impressed with her sense of presence and elated to receive her insights.

It is very rare to find someone who is a good listener AND who can ask all the right questions. 

I recommend Adreanna's services to whoever is looking to establish some clarity and purposeful direction in their personal or professional life. I am thankful to say that after a very short period of time she earned my trust and highest respect as a committed professional and caring human being.


The biggest change I saw in my own journey to becoming a Health Coach was when I had the opportunity to speak with Adreanna one on one.  

I felt stuck and lacked confidence and clarity at the start of the hour.  

Adreanna asked powerful questions which moved us quite quickly through the blocks I had and I came out the other side with focus and enthusiasm.  

I felt heard and understood in the conversation and I don't believe I would have taken the next step without Adreanna's support.  

I feel so blessed to have connected with Adreanna during a time when I was swimming in self-doubt and career confusion.  Her warmth, compassion and playful curiosity immediately put me at ease and at times I found myself mesmerized by the way she posed questions with such intuitive precision and gentle curiosity.  

Adreanna has a way of shining a light in the darkest corners and helping you see the treasure that's been tucked inside you all along.  

Through our work together I have gained crystalline clarity around my business, my purpose and my own innate gifts and abilities.  

She is truly one of the most gifted coaches I've encountered. (And as a fellow coach I've encountered quite a few!)  If you ever have the opportunity to work with Adreanna, by all means latch onto it with both hands.  It's the best investment you'll ever make.

As a result of working with Adreanna, I became crystal clear on my mission statement in my business.  
Prior to that I was very unsure as to who my potential clients were, what my market was and the type of coaching I wanted to do.  Adreanna did some deep inner work with me to help me see my strengths and what experiences have molded me into the strong and powerful woman I am today.  

She also helped me let go of time wasters and focus on what really mattered.  
The best part of working with her was that she made the process fun and enjoyable, so it didn't feel like work at all.  She also helped me focus on the bottom line and avoid my usual distractions. 

I absolutely recommend working with Adreanna.  She is worth the time and monetary investment since it will come back to you tenfold.  
Do not hesitate to sign on with her.  You will accomplish way more than you would on your own.

I have had the pleasure of working with Adreanna for the last year.  She has made me think beyond the box. 

She was able to invoke a thought process that lead to creativity, clarity and focus beyond my current frame of reference.  At the same time she allayed my fears, encouraged growth and vulnerability in order to help me achieve success and confidence.  Working with Adreanna is an experience that I was very fortunate to take part in.

{She} embodies the wisdom that she lectured about...which is why I loved her teachings so much. She understands that wisdom is only helpful if it can be applied to our actual lives.

The class was a sacred space to come to, where it felt like I could really be myself, exactly as I was on that given day. In a culture that doesn’t always value openly sharing our emotions, this experience was priceless.

I couldn’t recommend this program more!”


Adreanna has a powerful presense of positivity. Her insightful tips are a testament of her exceptional ability to listen. Her genuine care and concern is both validating and empowering.

Adreanna has a well crafted gift to help people process what their true calling is and what will make their soul sing.  She is wise beyond her years and in brimming with wisdom.

I felt heard by her while she helped get in touch with my niche and what lights me up.  

She instilled in me the importance of community support and created a caring atmosphere on all of my coaching calls. She was always ready to challenge me with the next important step for my growth.  
She has been a blessing in my life this past year.