Dancers know it. So do Pilates practitioners: 

All of our movement extends from the core and is dictated by the alignment of our spine. The same is true for your business. 


YOU: Are a creative force, with plenty of ideas, in need of shape and structure so that your ideas actually WORK.

Know the work that you're called to do, but need a practical step-by-step roadmap to take decisive action.

Want to make money making a difference. And want to stand out from the crowd so that you don't get lost in the chorus line of people doing the same work that you do.

Are ready to set indecision aside, and step up into your business in a big, big, way. 

WE: Tease out the story and experiences that make you a unique force in your field, and the reasons why you're an obvious choice for the right people to hire.

Draw the distinction between your Mission, your Market, your Message and your Method, and lock the pieces together to construct an airtight "spine" for your business, and future creative ventures.

Develop a strategy for action that feels authentic to what you're building + how you want to feel while you're building it. 

YOU: Never need to wonder which are the "right" opportunities to take.

Will understand how to connect the dots of your story and your interests to develop a Method that is uniquely yours. 

Can speak directly to your ideal Market, and confidently about the work that you're building.

Can finally step out of the deliberation room, and confidently into action.

One day. 5 sessions. Major impact. You walk away with a fool-proof formula for your Genius Zone and the confidence that comes from understanding--and utilizing--the “spine” of your business.