My name is Adreanna Limbach and I’m the author of the new release Tea And Cake With Demons : A Buddhist Guide To Feeling Worthy [Sounds True] and a lead meditation teacher at MNDFL Meditation studios in NYC. I’ve been a Student Coach at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition for over a decade and my work has been featured by The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Women’s Health and Refinery29.

Of course, these are just the stats. And we both know that while stats capture the eye, they’re not a measurement of a person’s worth or value. This is kinda my thing : using every opportunity I have to help others connect to their inherent worth— that bone deep recognition of our own wholeness : which can’t be added to or subtracted from. I do this through meditation, coaching, writing, etc. Because if we were all honoring our own intrinsic dignity, and the dignity of others as our default setting, just think what a world we would live in. Generous. Beautiful. Kind. Now that’s my kind of revolution.


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