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Building an authentic business is an inside job

There are a lot of business coaches in the world that will promise you the moon and the stars.

I am not one of them.

True, I teach DIY business + marketing skills to creatives, coaches, healers, and dynamic solopreneurs. 

Yet I recognize that there is much much more to launching + expanding your business than the pre-fab templates and stale advice found in most business books and online seminars.

That’s just a fraction of the equation and leaves many women sounding the same as everyone else in their industry, unsure of how to position their work so that it speaks to those they're in service to, and feeling inauthentic, silly, and "sales-y" in the process.

Designing the work that you do in the world can be the ultimate act of creativity, rebellion and freedom. This is my promise to you.

You see, from where I stand, you already have everything you need to expand your freedom in business and life. 

If you take anything away from what you see here, let it be this. 

You have enough, and you are enough. 

If anything, it might be helpful to peel back a few layers.

That’s what we do around here. We strip down. We get real. We get your work out into the world so that you can do good, and make a good living doing it.

The solid skills of DIY business acumen + the soft skills of accessing your own resourcefulness, instinct, and sufficiency. 

We're all about building livelihood that’s an authentic reflection of who you are, what you stand for, and the unique way that you want to leave the world better, so that you can stand out from the pack and trust your voice in the process.

You get clear on your message + how you want to serve, confident in your creative chops, and connected with a likeminded community so that you don’t have to build alone (which is straight up lonely, and never as effective). 

 Soul + Strategy :: Heart + Hustle :: Creating + Contributing.

Welcome to Delicious Intent.