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In Sanskrit there is a word - Kaliyanamitra - which means “Spiritual Friend”. Not a guru or a master, but someone who is walking the path alongside you to help guide and inform your practice -- in a very real-world, everyday life sort of way. 

The 1-on-1 guidance that meditation mentorship provides is a perfect option for you if you have been feeling isolated in your practice, if you’ve been feeling confused in your practice, if you know that you would benefit from more accountability, or if you’ve been trying to figure out how to apply meditative principles to your real-world, everyday life situations.



Butt-on-the-cushion meditation practice is only one part of the practice. If that’s all you’re doing — great! You will likely receive a lot of benefit. However, if you’re looking to hone in on how to apply your practice to very specific situations or areas of your life — or to weave more of the “view” (aka: philosophy) of meditation into your world— this is where we’ll do great work together.


Adopted from the classic Buddhist teachings on the Three Prajnas - aka: the three ways that wisdom and personal insight develop, we root our work together in three areas of practice

  • SITTING MEDITATION PRACTICE : Nothing is a substitute for good old time logged on the meditation cushion. This is your opportunity to make friends with yourself - get familiar with your mind, your emotions, your interior world. If your sitting meditation practice is feeling shaky, or inconsistent, this is where we’ll start - and what we will always come back to. Consistent check ins on how your practice is progressing. Even — and especially — when obstacles arise.

  • STUDY PRACTICE : Sitting practice without studying some of the view that gives our practice context is a little bit like watching the same load of laundry go around and around and around in the washing machine. At some point, you’re going to want to understand how to take the clothes out. And then put them in the dryer. And then fold them. And then wear them out in the world and see how they hold up before bringing them back to the washing machine again. Study practice is that instruction manual. It’s exceedingly helpful to know what we’re looking at on the meditation cushion - so that we know how to work with it skillfully.

    The great news is that the Buddhist view of meditation has had over 2600 years to develop — so we’re not going to make anything up here. This is our chance to discuss teaching that are relevant to what’s coming up for you- on and off the cushion.

  • BOOTS-ON-THE-GROUND PRACTICE : Insight develops through direct experience, which is why application is key. Each session together will have “homework” that is specific to what was discussed — this might mean relevant readings, practical action steps, and bringing practice into the pockets of life (work, relationships, money, self care) that need our attention the most.



  • Maybe you’ve been meditating with apps for a while and are wondering what’s next? This is for you.

  • Maybe you’ve read a book or two on Buddhism and have some questions — namely, how to apply these teachings. This is for you.

  • Maybe the honeymoon phase of your meditation practice is over and now it’s kind of… boring. Or just uninspired. And you want stick with it but are missing the “juice” that makes practice consistent. This is for you.

  • Maybe you live somewhere where there isn’t really any meditation community — and you’re feeling a little isolated as a lone wolf meditator. This is for you.

  • Maybe you read my book, Tea And Cake With Demons and you think working together would be helpful right now. Hi! This is for you.

  • Maybe you were just blindsided by a death. A diagnosis. A divorce. And now that your heart is broken your practice is down the tubes. I’m so sorry. Being a human is hard. This is for you.

*Disclaimer : If you are not interested in getting to know your own mind, or applying the practice to your everyday life, I think it’s cool that you’re still reading — however, I have very little to offer you.



Let’s meet for an initial chat! I would love to take 30 minutes to get to know you, learn about your practice, and how / if I can be helpful. Just fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch shortly to schedule some time together.

NOTE — all sessions are via Skype, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. You can be in your favorite cozy joggers with a warm cup of tea and I’ll meet you there, on your computer screen. ❤️

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