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What if we are perfect, just the way we are? What if all this goal setting, self-helping, and stretching to improve is actually detrimental to the realization that our fundamental worth has been with us all along—waiting to be noticed as we chase “improvement”?

Join an immersive experience in unpacking, experiencing, and owning the worthiness at the core of your being. This meditation retreat accesses the traditional Buddhist teachings of the Four Noble Truths as we begin to explore some of the central challenges that plague us today: isolation and loneliness in a time of hyper-connectivity, hustling to prove and perfect ourselves, and the chronic feeling of “not-enoughness.”

Together we start deconstructing inherited narratives that keep us striving for approval, while learning to trust our fundamental worth, befriend even our most “unsavory” bits, and find a deep sense of rest in the practice and the path of developing unconditional self-acceptance.

5 DAY TUITION :: $415



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