Practice Notes ✨ Difficult People

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While I believe that people are basically good, worthy and whole, they can also be serious A-holes. I’ve had a number of encounters this week that left me questioning:
”Who on Earth raised you?!? “

Since we can’t choose or control the bad behavior of others, I find that it’s really helpful to remind myself of what choice I DO have.

✨Here’s my list of what I know I can CHOOSE in these “basically good but also total A-hole” moments:

• I can choose how much space I need to responsibly digest my own feelings — before jumping to verbally gouge their eyes out.
• I can choose how long I hold on to the offending moment — and the (often) powerful but sticky emotions that accompany it.
• I can choose the boundaries I set with this human or humans who act this way going forward.
• I can choose what constructive feedback I might receive (if any) about my own behavior from this encounter.
• I can choose to acknowledge that I can ALSO be a total A-hole : just as self important / hot tempered / judgmental / offensive as this person was and maybe (maybe) let that soften me towards them.

What would you add to the choices you know you can make in these moments?